Sherbrook Primary School


Blue 2 class

Welcome to Blue 2. We are an upper key stage 2 class.  Jas is the Teacher. Stacey is the Teaching Assistant. Vicki, Tara and Jess are the ISA's. 




What we have been learning in Summer 1: 

English: We have been learning what an interview is, we interviewed each other, read the book called “interview with a tiger”. We made facts files on different animals, created command and bossy command questions and learnt how to find the adjectives in a text.


Maths: In maths we have been learning about money, we have learnt how to recognise the value of different coins and notes, match coins to the amount and we enjoyed creating a shop and adding up the total of the items and counting out the correct amount of money or how much change we needed to give. 


Science: We have looked at the lifecycle of different plants (tomatoes, sunflowers, beans).  We have sorted plants into their habitats and classified different trees.                 


Topic: The children have looked at Anglo Saxons.  We have learnt to write our names in Anglo-Saxon runes, we now know why they invaded Britain and all about the way they lived, their laws and punishments.  We enjoyed comparing their homes to our homes to see the differences.
We have also enjoyed learning about all different religious groups and their beliefs.

Forest Schools: We have loved getting outside this half term. During Forest School sessions we have explored water play, made stick men out of twigs and bumblebees out of pine cones.


Other news:

The children really enjoyed seeing the theatre group back in school, doing a workshop with them and then being able to join in with the performance and we loved having the parents back with us for our parental engagement trip to the park.
For our last day the children had a fantastic time at the Jubilee Arts Festival.


What we are learning in Summer 2.

During the Summer 2 term 2022 we will be looking at mining in our local area.



Children will be doing Forest School sessions on a Monday, P.E on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. 

We will let you know of any important dates in the dairy and via Dojo.

Thank you for your continued support.

Blue 2 class photos