Sherbrook Primary School

School Council

Sherbrook Primary has a school council which openly seeks views of our pupils in the running of our school. This helps to ensure pupils become partners in their own education making a positive contribution to the school ethos.

Jo Taylor and Jo Powers run the school council meetings:

Children who are school council reps wear a metal school council badge just like the ones below. So you can spot them easily!

If there are any changes you would like to see in school please tell the school council reps and they can forward on your views at school council meetings!


Children learn to listen to others and to recognise themselves as worthwhile individuals with a right to be heard. School councils enhance the influence of positive peer leadership. The council meets once every half term and two representatives from each Key Stage Two class attend the meetings.  The pupils take suggestions from their class peers and bring their own agenda items to the meeting.  The school seeks views from the pupils as to how they think the school is being run.

School Improvement Ideas 

Pupils can suggest improvements and have done so in areas such as play times and lunchtimes.  Visiting organisations often meet with the school council to discuss important community projects and they have also held meetings in the local council chambers.  The School Council help to ensure the school is a well-run and happy environment. 

Past meetings

Our school council went on a trip to Cannock Council chambers. It was interesting to see how the chambers function. We held our school council meeting there on 26th February 2016. See the picture below where you can see the children sat in the council chambers conducting their school council meeting. We felt very official! 

Minutes from meetings

Click on link below. These are the minutes from our recent school council meetings:

 school council minutes October 2019