Sherbrook Primary School

Our Reading and Phonics Schemes


Our reading scheme

We have re-organised the reading  books throughout the school.

All the reading books have been organised into book bands, each one with a different colour.

When children are at the earliest level of reading they start on light pink band. The books get progressively harder. Light pink being for early readers and lime being the most challenging level.

Books from across all the reading schemes have been put together, so children have a larger choice of books, all of which are suitable for their ability. They can choose factual non-fiction books as well as story books. Don't worry, they can still choose the Biff, Chip and Kipper Oxford Reading Tree books if they wish. However there are other books to choose from that children can bring home to read. Children can choose from these schemes: Project X books, Oxford Reading Tree books, Read Write Inc home readers and Floppy's phonics books.

When reading with your child please look at the coloured sticker on the book, not the original printed level number. Your child will be on a colour level e.g they might be purple level or they might be red level.


Read Write Inc phonics scheme

Here at Sherbrook Primary School we have taken the very important decision to adopt the ‘Read Write Inc’ Phonics programme designed by Ruth Miskin. We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of our children learns to read with accuracy and confidence. We believe that the Read Write Inc programme will allow us to do this, as well as allowing us to support you in fostering a love of reading in your child that will last a lifetime.

At the core of the programme is the lively and vigorous teaching of synthetic phonics. Children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and how to sound-blend words for reading (decoding) at the same time as developing handwriting skills and spelling (encoding). As their confidence in decoding develops they are taught to comprehend and compose ideas for their own writing.


A frog called 'Fred' helps children to learn to read as part of the Read Write Inc program. The children love Fred!

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