Sherbrook Primary School

Explorer 1 Class 

Overview of class

Welcome to Explorer 1. We are a mixed Early Years/ Year One class. Our Teacher is Michelle (Mon - Thurs) and Jo (Fri). Our Teaching assistant is Sharon. Julie, Sharon G and Natalie are our ISAs. 

Explorer 1 Staff

Spring 1:

Our topic this term is ‘Tell me a story’. We have focused on ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Explorer 1 have been encouraged as a whole group to sit and listen to our interactive stories.

The children have enjoyed exploring pigs in mud, both real mud and chocolate angel delight which some children loved to taste. We have created a collage pig and used our imagination to build houses using various construction materials.

For our ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ activities, the children have been given opportunities to plant some beans, print a beanstalk picture using their fingers and measuring the height of beanstalks using unifix cubes.

During our maths lesson we have been focusing on ‘big and little’ and ‘heavy and light’. The children have enjoyed exploring all our activities involving various sized objects to investigate size and weighing scales to discover which bucket is the heaviest, lightest etc.

We continue to look at letters ‘m,a,s,d,t’ in our phonics lessons and also encourage the children to listen out for lots of environmental sounds such as aeroplanes and traffic noise.

‘Jumping with Jess’ is a firm favourite during our P.E. lesson and the children also enjoy out O.T sessions alongside Jo and Helen.

Spring 2:

Our topic next half term is ‘We all go travelling by’ and will explore lots of different ways to travel.


 P.E. kits/comfy clothing on Mondays for our P.E. lesson.

Forest school continues on Wednesday afternoons.

Our library sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please remember to label all of your child’s belongings




Explorer 1 Class Photos

A selection of Explorer 1 activities from this school year.

 Thank you for your support.