Sherbrook Primary School

Explorer 3 Class

Welcome to Explorer 3. We are a Key Stage 2 complex needs class. Vicky is the Teacher. Emma C is the TA.  Kerry, Hannah, Jackie (Mon, Wed, Fri) and Emma R (Tues, Thurs)  are the ISAs. 

Explorer 3 Staff


Spring 1:

This half term we have worked hard and had some lovely experiences.

In literacy we have enjoyed a range of stories such as Goldilocks and the three bears and the ugly duckling. We have had sensory stories, signing stories and stories on the large interactive board which the children have enjoyed.

We have used symbols to support communication and understanding. We have used a range of materials to complete mark making tasks such as paints, chalks, felt tips , crayons ,sand, foam and pasta.

We have explored phonics M,S and D


In Maths we have looked at big and small. We initially focused on big and with children who were ready to progress we looked at small.

We have modelled big bear and baby bear with playdough and compared sizes 

We have made and tasted porridge with different toppings.

We have focussed on Big, we have linked to our literacy and have looked at daddy bears big bed and compared it to baby bears small bed.

We have explored a range of everyday objects to make the topic interesting and relatable to everyday life. We have completed matching activities relating to size.


We have worked developing our communication and using ALD boards during snack, mealtimes and in everyday activities

If you would like some additional information regarding this please ask via diary or DOJO.


On Fridays we have music with Karolina which the children have really enjoyed

They have explored a range of musical instruments and used effective communication/symbols to choose favoured songs and rhymes.


In Forest Schools we have explored ice and found objects hidden in the frozen ice

We made robins and nests in an art-based activity

We made bird feeders. We have looked at our wild life cameras and found out what birds and squirrels come to visit our wildlife garden.

The children have had the opportunity to explore the outdoors themselves which has often consisted of climbing and mud!!!


Spring 2:

The topic next half term – Lets go travelling and we will be looking at the letter A.



On Mondays we have P.E, this includes bouncing on the trampoline and exploring the O.T. House to work on our gross and fine motor skills.

Please ensure all clothes and personal items are clearly labelled with your child’s name and a spare set of clothes is in their bags every day.

On Wednesdays we are Learning Outside of the class room. Please ensure you child has a complete change of clothes, including footwear and/or waterproof outer wear.  We do get very messy as we explore and learn from nature. This is a great Sensory learning experience for all and is a highlight of the week for all the children.


Please ensure your child has a spare set of clothes in their bag each day 


Please contact class staff through the Home/School Diary and Dojo if you have any questions or information regarding your child.


We would like to thank parents and carers for their continued support throughout the year so far.

Explorer 3 class photos

 Thank you for your continued support.