Sherbrook Primary School

EYFS at Sherbrook

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is well planned to ensure children can select a wide variety of activities and explore these independently. We provide our pupils with a broad and stimulating range of experiences appropriate to their stage of development, and we plan opportunities and activities for the children to develop across the seven areas of learning and development.


Prime areas

These areas are fundamental, work together and move through to support development in all other areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development


Specific areas

These 'include essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society.'

Literacy Mathematics
Understanding the World. Expressive Art and Design


ICT is recognised as being an integral part of the curriculum. It is imbedded into all areas of learning and adapted for children's individual needs. The role that this plays in our school in terms of communication is key and therefore children are encouraged to develop their access skills right from the start.


Home-school partnership

We believe that parents and carers are our partners in children's learning. We try to develop a close working relationship between home and school involving parents in their child's development as much as possible. Some of the ways we encourage this are;

  •  - Adopting an 'open door policy' encouraging parents into the classroom.
  •  - Welcoming parents to participate in swimming and hydrotherapy sessions.
  •  - Welcoming parents to support on school trips out.
  • Involving parents and carers as helpers for regular parental engagements.
  •  - Welcoming parents to informative 'coffee mornings' organised by the Senior Teaching Assistant, where parents and carers are invited to come, meet and chat with each other.
  •  - Communication via the home-school diary
  •  - Parents evenings
  •  - Whole school newsletter
  •  - School website and our school Facebook page.

Early Years Outings 2017-2018

Birches Valley Boing Zone Children's Therapy Service
Drayton Manor Park Saint Luke's Church Hydrotherapy
Marquis Drive


Links with community

We use opportunities offered by the local community in the following ways:

  • Explore local environment through educational visits related to specific topics
  • Visits from the people in the local community who come to talk to the children (police, fire service, nurses, etc…) 

Equal opportunities

We seek to develop inclusive practices that promote and value diversity and difference. Inappropriate attitudes and practices are challenged and children are encouraged to value and respect others.

Assessment, Recording and Reporting

We use 'Development Matters' and 'Early Learning Goals' (from the EYFS) and Solar (P levels for EYFS). Our assessment procedures are:

  • Each child has a 'Learning Journey', where positive achievements, observations, annotated photographic evidence, samples of work are kept across all seven areas of learning and development/Solar level.
  • Each child has ILP termly targets which are tracked and monitored across the term.
  • All assessment systems are used throughout the year and provide a basis for reporting to parents and inform future attainment and to set targets.